100 Days of Code

I found 100 Days of Code mentioned in a few tech podcasts I listen to and on Twitter.

It is a challenge to code for at least one hour each day for 100 days.

The rules are that you should share a log of your studies, don’t skip two days in a row, and you should support at least two members of the community each day.

I decided it’ll be a way for me to start 2019 off with accountability and day by day progress.

I attended my first tech Meetup and then I started this blog over 6 months ago, around June 2018.

In that time I have learned how to use the terminal and command Line. Learned how to use Git and GitHub. Relearned HTML and CSS and created my first Google Homepage clone using HTML and CSS.

I have achieved a lot for me in that time but I know deep down I have a lot more potential.

I need to focus my energy into consistent effort if I want to see any big results that would give me the skills to enter the tech industry.

So, that’s why I decided to start 100 Days of Code today.

I forked the repository on GitHub and will be updating my log each day there (check it here) as well as sharing updates on Twitter (check those here).


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